Cable Wine Cellars

A wine display solution that blends exquisite design with superior functionality.

Cable Wine Racks

Using the Cable Wine System offers a modern and sophisticated take on wine storage. 

Cables & Glass

Floating wine racks create the illusion that the bottles are suspended in mid-air.

Cables & Acrylic etc.

Invisible Cable System is a modern and visually stunning solution for wine storage and display. 

Cable Wine Racking Experts 

Cable Wine Racks

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The cable wine racks is a modern storage solution that uses cables or metal rods to suspend wine bottles. Thus creating a visually striking and space-efficient display. This contemporary approach adds a unique aesthetic to wine storage. Hence allowing for both a captivating visual effect and easy access to individual bottles. Ideal for residential or commercial settings.  The cable wine system combines style with practicality, turning wine collections into functional and decorative elements within a space.

Cables & Glass

Introducing Float Cable Wine Racks — A modern and innovative solution for showcasing your wine collection. These sleek racks create a captivating illusion of floating bottles. Hence combining contemporary design with functional elegance. Crafted with precision using high-quality cables. The Float Cable Wine Racks offer a stylish and space-efficient way to display your favorite wines. The minimalist design and sturdy construction ensure both a visually stunning display and a secure hold for each bottle. Elevate your wine storage experience with the chic and space-conscious Float Cable Wine Racks. Where sophistication meets practicality.

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Cables & Acrylic etc.

Our Invisible Cable Wine Rack is a modern and visually stunning solution for wine storage and display. Its versatility, durability, and space-saving design make it a perfect choice for those who want a combination of functionality and style. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a business owner, this product offers an elegant and practical solution for showcasing and organizing your wine collection. This cable wine system maximizes storage capacity by utilizing unused vertical space. By suspending the bottles, it frees up valuable floor or counter space, allowing you to store more bottles in a compact area.


Build Your Custom Wine Cellar with us. Cable Wine Cellars offer custom wine cellar designs, featuring cable wine racks with different wine cellar elements like Wood, countertops, tabletops etc. 

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Wine Refrigeration

Protect Your Wine , Invest in A Wine Cooling System

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To receive a quote for the custom Cable Wine Cellar, simply navigate to the “Contact Us” tab and submit 
your request. Expect to hear from one of our team members via phone or email within 1 to 2 business 
Split Systems Wine Cellar Cooling Units. 
Fully Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units. 
Through The Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units 
Ceiling Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling Units 
Our Cable Wine Racks come in four different finishes. Chrome, Silver Pearl, Satin Black and Satin Gold. 
Cable Wine Cellars offers two installation options: ‘neck-out’ and ‘label view’. In ‘neck-out’ installation, 
the cork end of the bottles is showcased prominently, while ‘label view’ installation positions the bottles 
sideways, emphasizing the visibility of the labels or sides. For visual clarity, please explore our ‘Gallery’ 
section to view images demonstrating both alternatives. 
Given the adaptable design of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®, we advise an optimal installation of only one 
bottle depth unless convenient access is ensured from both sides. In such cases, a configuration of two 
bottles deep (either punt to punt or side by side) is acceptable. However, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.® 
strongly advises against installing the system three bottles deep due to the considerable difficulty in 
retrieving bottles from a third row or column 
At Cable Wine Cellars, we offer wine cellar design services and can aid in various aspects of cellar 
construction for an extra fee. For further details, reach out to our representatives at 833-833-3079, or 
simply send us an email via the ‘Contact Us section on our website. We’re here to help!

Yes, sure we can ship Cable Wine Racks to your region.  

Most of the Cable Wine Racks ship within 48 hours. 
No, you need expert Cable Wine Racks installers to install these wine racks for you. Because the weight 
of the wine and tension of the cables is mostly supported from the ceiling or top mounting area, it is 
CRUCIAL that the ceiling or top mounting area where the system will be installed by properly structurally 
reinforced to support the forces coming down.
For cable wine racks installation quotes, please call us at 833-833-3079 
Yes , we provide installation services. Please call us at 833-833-3079 to get a custom Cable Wine Racks 
Installation quote.  

Yes, we offer wine cooling units via our sister company, Cool Wine Cellar
Our team of 
wine cooling consultants have over a decade of experience in crafting chilled wine cellars. 

Wine cellar cooling unit is a specialized cooling system designed to maintain the ideal temperature and 
humidity levels required for storing wine. It ensures the longevity and quality of your wine collection by 
preventing temperature fluctuations and excessive humidity. 
Wine is a delicate beverage that can easily spoil if not stored under the right conditions. A cooling unit is 
essential to maintain a consistent temperature, typically between 55°F (13°C) to 58°F (14°C), which is 
considered optimal for wine storage. 
These units use a compressor and evaporator system to cool the air inside your wine cellar. They also 
provide humidity control and circulation, ensuring proper air quality and preventing mold or mildew 
Cooling capacity is measured in British thermal units (BTUs) or in cubic feet per minute (CFM). To 
determine the right capacity, consider the insulation, room size, number of bottles, and the desired 
temperature range for your wine cellar. Consult with our wine cooling experts today. 
Self Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Units. 
Split Systems Wine Cellar Cooling Units. 
Fully Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units. 
Through The Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units 
Ceiling Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling Units